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Self-publication of the Essay "Méditations vittoziennes" in French language.

"Méditations vittoziennes" introduces the reader to the TOM (Ternary Organic Model), a new integral anthropological description, revisiting traditional (Aristotle, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinus) and contemporary (Freud, Jung, Frankl, Wojtyla...) body or/and soul concepts.


The TOM is using, as unifier, an extension Dr Roger Vittoz' sensorial vision and therapeutic methodology, in order to propose

  • a first level functional breakdown of human activities in 3+1 "Operations"

  • and a second level with a more detailed description of 24 active + 32 passive "Motions", as interactions between the 3+1 operations.












In different moments of life, it is sometimes difficult to verbalize our moods, identify our behaviour trends and distinguish between them, keeping in mind that some are morally neutral and the others not. To that aim, a large theoretical background, though not sufficient, is necessary. The further developments in this TOM essay enable to simply introduce to a new classification of psychic and behavioral state families (types of emotions, types of feelings, attitudes, vices and virtues) described as a 3-basis combination of primary states, visually introduced in a coloured « diamond » map. The various graphical descriptions and « diamonds » proposed in the « Méditations vittoziennes » enable the reader to more easily « put some   names » on internal states and relevantly use it as an entry to non-violent communication as well as coaching or psychotherapeutic works.

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